First presentation of results – ESTIDIA – September 2017

We shall present some results at the 4th ESTIDIA Conference: Dialogues without Borders: Strategies of Interpersonal and Inter-group Communication29-30 September 2017 – Sofia (Bulgaria)

More information available here.


Update February 2017

Making interviews in Romania (two interviews done, the third is planned), Germany (four interviews done, the fifth is planned), Bulgaria (two interviews) and United Kingdom (four men and two women).

One interesting first-hand result (thus far): the German sample is made mainly from men, while in Romania there are only women in the sample. Much more, the ”gender-role” differences between men and women as regards the ICT is more visible in Germany than in Romania: the man as the breadwinners, more connected to the ICT while the women are the housekeepers, mothers and wife, less involved with ICT.

More to come!